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The Best Arts & Crafts Scalpel Blades on the Market

High Quality Materials

Don’t think just because we’re not talking about surgical scalpel blades we’re going to lower the quality and offer you a worse tool. Every single use you give these scalpel blades has the same importance for us and, therefore, they are all made from the same amazingly hard and sharp, carbon steel. It’s amazing how the same sharpness and effectiveness is maintained from their first use to their 50th, mainly due to its durability. Don’t trust us? Just check out our costumer’s reviews and see for yourself!

Excellent Performance

Carving wood? Easy. Cutting leather? Effortless. Creating stencils? Simple. Working with jewels? Straightforward. We think you get the gist of it. These scalpel blades are powerful and sharp enough to aid in you in most arts & crafts tasks you might have at hand. Made from carbon steel, they will turn hard, long hours of precise and meticulous work into effortless and enjoyable tasks. Reach the peak of your artistic work with these amazing scalpel blades! What are you waiting for?

Safely Packaged and Shipped

Working with such precise and sharp blades is not an easy task. Not only do we safely and individually pack these blades, but some of our surgical ones are also sterilized by gamma radiation. Most of our scalpels bring a plastic, protective cap and some of our scalpel sets even bring a nice sturdy case, where you can keep your tools and easily carry them around. Our job doesn’t end here, though. We’re here for every step of your delivery, ready to aid you in whatever you’ll possible need (even though our free shipping is one of the most reliable ones, nowadays).

Our Selection of Arts & Crafts Scalpel Blades

There’s two amazing offers to choose from, each one with its specific functions.

Firstly, the #10 Craft Scalpel Blades. Made from carbon steel, the #10 blade has a curved sharp edge and a blunt back, usually used for general cutting and light carving. The offers brings 10 silver blades, inside a safe package, all ready to aid you in growing your art skills. Everything at an affordable price!

Secondly, the #11 Craft Scalpel Blades. Also made from carbon steel, the #11 blade has a triangular shape with a sharp point and a flat cutting edge parallel to the handle, making it fairly similar to an X-Acto knife. It’s mainly used in lightweight materials for stripping and precision, sharp angle and stencil cutting. It’s carbon steel structure gives it an amazing sharpness durability, meaning these 10 blades will definitely last you a really long time.

Extra Features of Our Arts & Crafts Scalpel Blades


A few seconds. That’s the level of effort we ask of you when mounting scalpel blades and handles together. Usually with the simplest joint or screw system, our blades will easily and effortlessly fit most scalpel handles you might have at home (if you don’t, just take a look at our handle section!). This allows you to quickly change blades and face tasks with much more efficient and personalized tools and, in the end, reach better results.

Excellent Value

As a company, one of our main goals is to grow everyday and bring more and more capital. But as a service provider, our main goal is to help upcoming artists and surgeons, as well as big medical or artistic corporations. We want you to be able to have the tools you need, for the price you deserve. The only way to achieve this is to keep listening to you and to your feedback and plan our price tags accordingly. We don’t take the words “excellent value” lightly. You’re not sure if you trust us? Just browse through our store and you’ll realize we’re not wrong!