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What Makes Our Scalpels the Best on the Market

High Quality Materials

You can’t trick costumers when working with scalpels. We’re talking about tools for very meticulous and precise tasks so, if we didn’t gave you the best scalpels we could get, you would notice in an instant. That’s why the first step is to make sure we’re choosing the best and most suitable materials. The blades are made from anti-rust and strong carbon steel. The handles are made of hardened plastic, beautiful wood, heavy-duty rubber, comfortable aluminium or powerful stainless steel. Sturdiness, durability, sharpness and flexibility are just a few of the great aspects these materials offer our blades.


A scalpel with a blunt blade is the same as trying to eat soup with a fork. It will give you a crazy amount of unnecessary work and, in the end, you’ll almost be in the same place where you started. That’s why the scalpels you see here, at ScalpelStore, are all razor-sharp, ready for every task you put them through. Not only do they keep their sharpness after a really long time with constant use, but when they do loose them, our offers usually give you a couple more blades to go through.

Diverse Range of Choices

There are two main areas where scalpels are an extremely important tool. Surgical scalpels are used in medicine, specifically surgery. These must follow important guidelines, regarding materials, weight and length, since they’re being used for medical procedures. We also offer some already sterilized scalpels, by gamma radiation. The other main area is arts and crafts. Here, diversity, creativity and a comfortable handle are our main focus and we’ve got a lot of freedom to present you with some amazing designs. So if you’re a surgeon or an artist, this is the place to be!

Our Range of Scalpels

If you're looking for surgical scalpels, we've got you fully covered.

Firstly, we’ve got high-quality Surgical Disposable Scalpels to choose from. Even though they’re meant to be disposable, sturdiness and sharpness are two big characteristics in their DNA. With blades made from anti-rust carbon steel and handles of hardened plastic, these scalpels are here to make your surgeries much easier, safer and less costly. Up to the industry-standard dimensions and often coming packed with more than one blade, it's a deal you can't pass up on.

If you’re more of an artist than a surgeon, the Craft Scalpel Sets are more up your alley. Available at especially attractive prices, these scalpels offer you a variety of materials, handles, colors, blades and more. We’ve got plastic, aluminium and stainless steel handles, each one more unique than the last one. What about those long straight work hours? Anti-slip is the answer! Take a look at our diverse range and get some scalpel sets for cleaning glass stickers, cutting paper, plastic, textiles, wood carving, household DIY and more!

For a more comprehensive professional solution, we recommend taking a look at our Surgical Scalpel Sets. All made from stainless steel handles and carbon steel blades, you won’t find sharper and more comfortable scalpels around. Different surgeries require different blades and that’s why you can choose from curvier or straighter ones - choose from our wide array of industry standard sizes. All offers also bring 10 blades, all of which have an easy mounting system.

The Utility Scalpel Sets are a little bit like switchblades. Perfect for household tasks or camping trips, these folding scalpels have high quality aluminium handles and steel blades, meaning they’re not your usual pocket knife. Powerful, sharp and convenient, they measure around 6in (15.2cm) and bring 4 extra blades. What are you waiting for?
Lastly, if you’re looking to invest in a more efficient kit, instead of buying some tools here and there, take a look at our Craft Scalpel Kits. Each kit brings a variety of different sized and shaped blades, each one perfect for a specific job. One of our kits even has beautiful and comfortable wood handles, meaning you can start looking like the artist you’ve been all your life. Well-packed, inside protective boxes, these scalpel kits aren’t just a tool that will help you in small tasks, but quality products that will guide you into a new level of craftsmanship quality.

Other Scalpel Details that Make All the Difference

Easy Setup

A lot of our scalpels give you an essential feature – you can mount and dismount their blades and switch them when they become blunt, or when you need a different one for a different task. First, no need to worry about loosing your blade mid-surgery or mid-sculpture. The systems we use to combine the blade and the handle were tested to make sure it can handle pressure and tension for a long amount of time. Second, it couldn’t be easier to mount them, regardless of their type. The ones a little bit more complex will always bring instructions in how to use and mount them.

Comfortable Handles

Be surgical or arts and crafts scalpels, comfortable handles is something you can’t overlook. We’re talking about tasks that require a great amount of precision and concentration during a long time. If the scalpel doesn’t feel comfortable, or is poking the inside of your hand or is even slipping all around the place you’re going to have a hard time. That’s why handles are a big focus for us here, at ScalpelStore. They can be made from stainless steel (preventing rust), stylish wood, hardened plastic, heavy-duty rubber or high quality aluminium. Every single material is different and it's up to you to choose the one that best suits you and your work.