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The Best Sterile Scalpels on the Market

Sterilized by Gamma Radiation

Because we know that not everyone is in a place where tool sterilization is possible, some of your scalpels have been sterilized before-hand. Gamma rays from cobalt 60 are a good choice for that for two main reasons. Firstly, it has a perfect strength balance, meaning it’s powerful enough to destroy microorganisms, but not too much it leaves traces of radioactive materials, harmful to the human body. Secondly, its high penetrative power allows us to sterilize the tools even after packing them in their containers, avoiding any more human contact. This way, we’re able to offer you a safe tool, ready to use from the moment it leaves its package.

High-Quality Materials

All of our blades are made of high-quality carbon steel. Why carbon steel, you ask? Well, besides being a fairly cheaper material, when compared with other metals, its strength and hardness is off the charts. Because of that, you’re left with an amazingly sharp blade, capable of maintaining that sharpness for a really long time without even showing any signs of wear and tear. The handles are made from thick plastic, different from the flimsier and more common one you’ll find in most plastic products, meaning you’ll have as durable handles as the blades. After reading the word “durable” several times, you can start looking at this deal as an investment, instead as a one-off purchase.

Our Range of Sterile Scalpels

Our most basic option is the #11 Mini Disposable Plastic Scalpel. Hard, sharp and anti-oxidation, carbon steel blades are combined with a small and portable plastic handle, offering you a sterilized, ready-for-action, scalpel. The deal brings 10 #11 blades – triangular shaped with a sharp point and a flat cutting edge.

For just a couple more bucks, get a bigger and more comfortable handle with the #11 Disposable Plastic Scalpel. Also sterilized, these #11 blades are perfect for precision cutting, stripping and stencil cutting, making them similar to a regular X-Acto blade. The handle measures 5.5in (14cm) and offers a comfortable grip, allowing you to work for long hours without any discomfort or pain.

If the #11 blade is not really the one you’re looking for, maybe the #23 Disposable Plastic Scalpel is. We’re talking about a more leaf-shaped blade, with a curved sharpened edge and a flat blunt back, perfect for long incisions. The handle is 0.2in (0.5cm) bigger, but made of the same thick and durable, thick plastic material. Even though these offers say “disposable”, you just need to look at our costumer’s reviews to realize that once you start using them, disposing off them will be the last thing on your mind.