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The Best Surgical Scalpel Blades on the Market

High-Quality Materials

Choosing carbon steel as the main material in our blades wasn’t a random choice. If you read a little about its properties and characteristics you’ll quickly realize why it is the most used material in cutting tools, like scalpels. Good wear resistance, high level of hardness and, therefore, sharpness durability, affordable price and environment friendly. This means you’ll receive strong and sharp blades, capable of maintaining a sharp edge throughout your work without showing any signs of wear and tear for a really long time. Don’t see it as a simple purchase, but instead as a healthy and long-lasting investment.

Diverse Range of Blades

Surgery is a very delicate field, where mistakes can cost lives. Because of that, you’ll need exact and precise tools for each and every little procedure, only to avoid, at all costs, those human errors. Here, at ScalpelStore, we offer you a variety of different shaped blades, all identified by their industry-standard number. From longer and more precise incisions, to suture cutting, to sharp angles cutting and others, there’s a scalpel specially made for every task you might have at hand.

Industry-Standard Dimensions

These three words might not look that important to you, but in a precise and life threatening field like the medical surgery one, they are. If a surgeon has to travel halfway across the world to perform a surgery, the importance of having tools that he’s more than used to working with can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful procedure. Scalpels with the same weight, length, width and girth are a step closer to an easier and safer operation, so we take those words extremely seriously.

Our Range of Surgical Scalpel Blades

Every single offer inside our surgical scalpel blades range is the same in terms of price tag and quantity. The only difference between those deals is the shape of the blades and their purpose, meaning you’ll always be guaranteed to receive 10 sterilized, sharp and durable, carbon steel blades.

The #10 is a more traditional blade, having a curved cutting edge with a blunt back. It’s usually used for incisions in skin and muscle, like the ones needed in abdominal operations.

The #11 is a triangular blade with a sharp point and a flat sharpened edge. Used generally for precision cutting and stab incisions, you’ll use it more when lancing an abscess, or inserting a chest drain.

The #12 is a short, pointed, crescent-shaped blade with a very sharp inside edge. Commonly used as a suture cutter, it has other purposes like artery incisions, nasal septum repairs or even dental surgery.

The #15 ends up being a smaller version of the #10, having, more or less, the same purposes. The big advantage is that, being smaller, allows you to work with more precise and smaller cuts.

If the #15 is the smaller version, the #20 is the larger version of the #10. It’s frequently used in general and orthopaedic surgery, having the same curved sharpened edge.

A little bit bigger than the #20, you’ve got the #21. Same purpose, but offers you a bigger cut length.

Same shape, but even bigger than the #21, take a look at the #22. It’s generally used in cutting the bronchus in lung resection surgery and in cardiac and thoracic surgeries in general.

Similar to #22, but more leaf-shaped, we’ve got #23. Used in general surgery, it’s perfect for long and precise incisions, like the ones needed in the upper abdominal, during the repair of a perforated gastric ulcer.

Extra Features of Our Surgical Scalpel Blades

Gamma Radiation Sterilization

Because we know not everyone is in a place where they can effectively sterilize their scalpel blades, we take care of that with gamma radiation. There are two great benefits in using gamma rays. Firstly, gamma rays have a good strength balance, meaning they’re strong enough to harm and destroy microorganisms in the product, but not too strong to leave traces of radioactive materials, harmful to human beings. Secondly, they have a high penetrative power, i.e., we can proceed with the sterilization even after the scalpel blades have been safely and individually packed inside their container. That way, we guaranteed you blades ready for action, from the second you take them off their package, avoiding any time wasted in stressing situations.

Universal Joints

Those old days of buying a fresh order of scalpel blades just to realize they don’t work with the handles you’ve got are long gone. Be with screw or simple, but effective joint systems, every blade we sell here is a perfect fit for handles used in surgery, all around the world. Easy and effortlessly, you can change blades in a matter of seconds, knowing they will stay firmly in their place during surgery.

Excellent Value

The financial difference between a student and a big medical center is enormous, as expected. Because of that, we have to reach a balance that allows us to keep both types of costumers and offer them the prices they deserve. For hospitals, we’ve got large discounts for bigger purchases and for the students, we’ve got fair and low prices for one-off purchases, as well as an amazing range of sets and kits.