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The Best Surgical Scalpels on the Market

High Quality Materials

Most of our blades, if not all, are made of carbon steel which, as the name states, is a type of steel mainly made of carbon. It’s the perfect material for cutting tools, since the carbon brings a large amount of strength and hardness to the table, allowing the blades to be as sharp as never, for a really long time. Another big advantage is its lower value when comparing with other materials, giving us a comfortable margin to bring you the price tags you deserve. Anti-rust is another big plus in our book, boosting its durability for a longer time. The handles of the disposable scalpels are made of hardened plastic (not your common, flimsy plastic), while the ones in the scalpel sets are made of sturdy stainless steel.

Comfortable, Non-Slip Grip

Everyone that used a scalpel in some time of his life knows that it’s a very precise and meticulous task. Using it for a long time requires a steady hand and a strong grip, so if the handle is uncomfortable, slippery, pointy or overall awkward you’re going to have a hard time that can ultimately lead to mistakes or sore hands. That’s why all our handles, here at ScalpelStore, were tested thoroughly, only to guarantee you the most comfortable grip and, consequently, a more enjoyable and easy procedure.

Effortless Precision Cutting

We’ve already talked about the main characteristic of carbon steel – its hardness. When we shift this aspect to the practical world, these blades become amazingly sharp and capable of cutting through very hard textures, perfect for surgical procedures. Being able to cut well it’s not enough for us, so we made them not only structurally durable, but also capable of maintaining their sharpness for a large amount of time. That way, even if you’ve been using them for a long time, it still feels they were fresh out of the package.

Our Range of Surgical Scalpels

If you want a high-quality tool that'll last you a long time and deliver excellent results, take a look at our Surgical Scalpel Sets.

The Surgical Scalpel Sets we’ve got combine efficiency with an affordable price tag. Sterilized by gamma radiation, these scalpel sets bring 10 carbon steel blades (1.7in / 4.3cm) and a stainless steel handle (4.8in / 12.2cm). The big difference between the various offers are the shape of the blades. The #11 being the one with the straighter blades, the #10 and 23# with more curvier ones and the #15 with a smaller blade. A diverse range of high quality blades for an amazing value is too good to look away.

The #11 Mini Disposable Surgical Scalpel is a perfect place to start, as we’re talking about a cheap option that comes with 10 amazingly sharp, stainless steel blades and a mini plastic handle. You can see that, even though we lowered the price tag, you still have the main characteristics that makes a good scalpel. For just a couple more bucks you can get the #11 Disposable Surgical Scalpel. A bigger hardened plastic handle (around 6in / 15cm), an anti-rust sharp blade and, overall, a more comfortable feeling. Even though it’s disposable, you’ll see reviews stating they’ll keep using it till the handle breaks – that must mean something. For the same price you can still get the #23 Disposable Surgical Scalpel. 0.2 inches more on its handle (0.5cm) and a curvier blade are the big differences between this one and the #11 (Regular), even though they both come with a plastic blade protection and offer you a effortless cut.

Extra Features of Our Surgical Scalpels

Industry-Standard Dimensions

When working in an industry like the surgical one, tool’s universality is a big deal. That way, you can be all around the world, working in an important and dangerous field like the surgical one and still use tools that you’re used to in terms of length, width, weight and overall feeling. That’s why it’s so important for us to follow industry-standard dimensions when creating our scalpels. We understand what’s in stake and, if we need to sacrifice a little bit of creativity for a more efficient tool, we’re in.

Sterilized by Gamma Radiation

Gamma irradiation is a physical and chemical way of sterilization, using cobalt 60. It’s a perfect fit for sterilizing scalpels, since it’s not strong enough to make products radioactive and harmful to human beings, but powerful enough to kill bacteria. Another good thing it’s the high penetrative power of gamma rays, meaning we can sterilize the blades after packing them, avoiding any other human contact while putting them inside the plastic package. That way, we can guarantee you tools ready for action, wherever you are.

Excellent Value

You would think such high quality products for such a specialized medical field would cost an arm and a leg, but not here, at ScalpelStore. We strive to give you the tools you need for the prices you deserve. That way, we can keep on growing as a company with loyal and satisfied costumers at our side, knowing our job here allows you to keep saving lives or making art, wherever you are.