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What Makes These the Best Scalpel Blades on the Market

High Quality Materials

Making a scalpel blade is not as easy as it seems. It’s miles away from grabbing the hardest metal we could get and forge it into a tiny blade. To have the strongest, sturdiest, most flexible (you want it to be able to absorb tension and bend) and sharpest scalpel blades we looked around and tested materials for a long time, ending with some amazing and versatile carbon steel. You can use it how often you wish and still have a tool that will, besides lasting you ages, still maintain a sharp edge for a really long time.

Industry-Standard Dimensions

When talking about craft scalpel blades we can be much more creative and go for a more diverse range, but when the subject changes to surgical scalpel blades things are a little different. Even though we’re proud to say we went every direction possible to give you the most diverse range, we have to follow industry-standard dimensions, be the length or the weight of the blade. But looking at the bright side of it, you have different surgical scalpel blades, for different tasks, that all work with standard handles and maintain the same feeling and weight. Change blades how often you wish without loosing that precision and accuracy!

Effortless Cuts

Be a surgeon or an artist, it doesn’t matter. When you’re working with scalpels you’re maneuvering them in very precise and meticulous movements, trying to reach amazingly specific results. If you’re holding a blunt blade in your hand you might as well stop before you start, because you know it will become a much harder and frustrating process, not even mention how dangerous it can get (specially in the surgical field). That’s why we focused a lot of your time in giving you solutions to this problem – amazingly sharp blades and a variety of different ones to switch from. If you shop here, at ScalpelStore, we can guarantee you a sharp blade in your hand every time you need one!

Our Wide Range of Scalpel Blades

If you’re a surgeon and you’re looking for tools to aid your job and help you reach more perfect and efficient results, take a look at our Surgical Scalpel Blades. Always following industry-standard dimension but with a diverse range of shapes, these carbon steel blades will definitely change the way you do surgery. Sharp, durable and flexible, their universality allows you to mount them in most scalpel handles, giving you the chance to switch for a new blade in a matter of seconds. Lastly, every offer brings 10 or more blades so you’ll never run out!

The other range of scalpel blades we’ve got are specifically for arts and crafts. More creative and multi-functional, these Arts & Crafts Scalpel Blades can carve wood, cut paper, textiles, leather, engrave messages and much more! Resistant, anti-rust and sharp, once you start using them for your art you’ll never want to change. At a very affordable price, the offers always bring 10 or more blades. That way you won’t have to worry about leaving your work of art mid process, just because you’ve run out of blades!

What Our Scalpel Blades Offer You


For some people a scalpel can be just a tiny knife. For others is an extremely important tool for their work life. If you’re the second, you know how important it is to have a bunch of different blades for different tasks, due to the relevance of little details in surgery or in arts and crafts. Besides that, a scalpel is a tool used, usually, for a long period of time, meaning you have to personalize it according with your habits, physical characteristics and taste in general, or else it will be some frustrating hours. That’s why we, at ScalpelStore, focus not only in giving you the best scalpels we could come up with, but also a diverse range of blades and handles.

Ease of Use

Are you feeling that in the last 10 minutes your blade hasn’t really contributed for the task at hand? More and more effort is needed for cutting and the result is suffering because of that? No worries, because just a few seconds are between you and a new blade. Pop it off (usually with a joint or a screw system), choose a new and sharp blade and mount it. Effortlessly, quickly and easy – that’s how our costumers describe this process.

Excellent Value

First, our blades were tested thoroughly and are extremely durable. Second, every offer brings you a set of 10 or more blades. Third, the value is excellent. So, not only are you investing a small amount of money, but you’re doing it for a tool that will last a really long time without even loosing its sharpness. We could also talk about our free shipping, amazing costumer support and packaging security, but we know you’re already convinced.