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What Makes These the Best Disposable Scalpels on the Market

High Quality Materials

When people read the word “disposable” their minds immediately associate it with cheap and flimsy materials or weak craftsmanship. That’s not entirely correct, because, even though we aim for a lower value, the product we offer you is one of great quality. Our disposable scalpels have a hardened plastic handle, more resistant and durable than the regular plastic you’ll see on most products around, while our blades are made of the usual carbon steel. Hard, sharp and oxidation-resistant, you just have to check our reviews to see that our costumers don’t really look at these scalpels as disposable and choose to keep using them till they can’t no more.

Effortless Cutting

Even though the handles are hardened plastic instead of the regular stainless steel, our blades keep bringing everything they got to the table. Carbon steel is known for its uses in cutting tools, due to its hardness and, therefore, sharpness. Not only do you have a tool that allows you to effortlessly cut and turn the task at hand into a much easier one, but you’re guaranteed that this sharpness we’ve been talking about stays like that for a really long time, as a result of its durability. Nothing is more frustrating that trying to do your job with a blunt blade in hand – trust us, we know.


Scalpels can be used for a variety of jobs. The two main areas are the medical, or surgical one, and the arts & crafts one. Be an artist or a surgeon, having a scalpel that turns into an extent of your hand and offers you a very sharp edge is imperative. A great advantage of this disposable scalpels it’s their versatility, meaning you can use them in both areas and reach amazing results. Save a life or create art - two big responsibilities that can be fulfilled with the help of these fantastic scalpels.

Our Range of Disposable Scalpels

Our most basic disposable scalpel is the #11 Mini Disposable Surgical Scalpel. Coming with an excellent price tag, this scalpel brings a stylish green, hardened plastic handle and 10 #11 carbon steel blades. These blades have a triangular shape with a sharp point and a flat cutting edge. Similar to an X-acto blade, their main use is precision cutting, stripping and stencil creating. This convenient tool fits on the palm of your hand and can help you with the trickiest tasks.

After that, we've got the #11 Disposable Surgical Scalpel. Regarding the handle, we’re talking about the same hardened plastic, but longer (5.5in / 14cm). The handle brings a ruler and you still receive a plastic protection cap for your blade, preventing unwanted cuts or knife abrasion. Comfortable on your hand, this light scalpel can be used for surgery or arts and crafts, making it into an amazing multifunctional tool. The blade is the same straight #11 of the last one, guaranteeing you sharpness, hardness and durability.

The #23 Disposable Surgical Scalpel is very similar to the last offer, differing only in the blade’s shape. Instead of the #11 (perfect for precision cutting), you’ll receive a blade with a curved cutting edge and a flat, unsharpened back. Its main use is long and precise incisions. The other difference is the overall length (0.2in / 0.5cm). Both are amazing tools that will definitely aid you in your job.

Other Great Features of Our Disposable Scalpels

Careful Packaging

Our job doesn’t end with you clicking the “Add to Cart” button. Since we’re working with such specialized tools like scalpels, we take the packaging and transporting very seriously. We know you need them quickly, in mint condition and, sometimes, already sterilized by gamma radiation. That’s why we, at ScalpelStore, make sure every blade is individually and carefully packaged, guaranteeing you the best service we could do. In terms of transport, not only do you enjoy our usual free shipping, but just a couple days are between you and your tools.

Excellent Value

Usually, scalpel blades and handles aren’t bought individually, but in larger quantities. Therefore, you’ll see a lot of companies working with big discounts for larger orders and boost the prices up for smaller ones. We like to serve everyone – the corporations and the individuals, i.e., the big hospitals and that one medical student. You just need to take a look at our excellent prices to confirm it! Besides that, we know how unsafe shopping online can be and that’s why we offer you, not only free worldwide shipping, but also highly secure payment methods.