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What Makes These the Best Scalpel Handles On the Market

High Quality Craftsmanship

From stainless steel, to aluminium alloy, to hardened plastic and even stylish wood, our scalpel handles here, at ScalpelStore, are all guaranteed to last you a lifetime, due to their durability and anti-rust materials. Different materials will excel in different tasks, meaning a comfortable wood one could help you create a spectacular masterpiece, but it won’t be as precise for surgery. Take a look at our range and choose the one that best suits you and your job.

Comfortable, Non-Slip Grip

Everyone who works with scalpels, be in surgery or arts and crafts, knows that an uncomfortable handle will be a real pain after a couple hours of use. At first you might not even notice, but such a precise task, like surgery and arts, forces you to maintain a steady pressure and trust us, that uncomfortable feeling will turn into a much worse situation. That’s why our handles are tested thoroughly in different situations, mainly to check if they are not slippery (you don’t want a slippery scalpel, specially in medicine), and if they become and extent of your hand, as easily as possible. Just check our reviews and you’ll see that a lot of our costumers state that, while using them, they almost forget they were holding something.

Excellent Value

Buying scalpel handles is always a risk because, even though we do it, here at ScalpelStore, not everyone guarantees you a handle that can fit most blades. An exciting buy can turn into money thrown away. Also, since they’re products usually bought by companies, in larger quantities, buying for yourself can be much costlier which, in our opinion, is just unnecessary. That’s why we keep you both in our minds – companies and individuals. On one side, you will have discounts for larger purchases, and on the other we will still maintain just and realistic prices for smaller, more personal purchases.

Our Range of Scalpel Handles

The #3 Surgical Scalpel Handle – Stainless Steel Body is, as the name states, a scalpel handle made from stainless steel – strong, anti-rust and durable. Following industry-standard dimensions, this 0.06lbs (27 gr) handle is universal, meaning you can mount pretty much every scalpel blade you have laying around. Not only are you looking at a quality product, but one with an amazing price tag!

The #4 Surgical Scalpel Handle – Stainless Steel Body doesn’t differ that much from the last one. Also made from sturdy and anti-rust stainless steel, this handle offers you an extremely comfortable grip. With an intuitive joint system, mounting blades couldn’t be easier and faster, making this 5.5in (14cm) handle an offer you can’t refuse.

Details that Make These Scalpel Handles the Perfect Fit

Industry-Standard Dimensions

You’ve got a set of blades and you’re worried the handles will not fit? Well you should be, since most companies selling scalpels and handles are not that concerned with following the standards and build them as they wish. But here? Worry about something else, because all our handles are precisely built according with industry-standard dimensions, meaning you’ll always have an easy fit for your blades. That way, you can travel all across the world and still use tools that you’re used to, in terms of weight and overall feeling.

Ease of Use

It couldn’t be easier to mount blades in our handles. You can do it in a couple of seconds, while wasting no time or energy whatsoever. Usually with a screw or a joint, you can trade blades for specific tasks, or when they become blunt, effortlessly.