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The Best Arts & Crafts Scalpels on the Market

Attractive Designs

The big difference between surgical scalpels and arts & crafts ones is the freedom we’ve got when creating the latter. Since we don’t have to follow industry-standard dimensions, we can offer you a more diverse range of designs – colours, shapes and materials. From beautiful and comfortable wood handles, to bright yellow, blue, red and green aluminium ones, there’s a scalpel for every taste. That way, you can choose the one that best suits your artistic personality and use it as an extent of your hand, rather than a simple tool.

High-Quality Materials

The blades are all made of carbon steel – one of the best materials for cutting tools. The hardness of carbon is perfect to ensure you have a sharp blade on your hand at any time, also due to its sharpness durability. The handles can be light wood, sturdy stainless steel, powerful aluminium and thick plastic, meaning you can choose the one that feels the most comfortable in your hand and, therefore, the one that ensures you the best results.

Comfortable, Non-Slip Handles

We’ve got one purpose in mind for every handle we make – giving you the most comfortable scalpel for long hours of precise and meticulous movements. Achieve the best works of art you’ve ever created with these amazing scalpels. Be wood, aluminium, plastic or stainless steel, every handle was thoroughly tested here, at ScalpelStore, to ensure you a non-slip and enjoyable grip. That way, you can work for a long period of time without having an awkward tool poking the inside of your hand or slipping all around the place.

Our Wide Range of Arts & Crafts Scalpels

First, and a little different from you usual scalpel, the Folding Utility Scalpel Set is an amazingly multifunctional tool. Coming with 4 carbon steel blades, this folding tool is a must in everyday tasks in your household. Portable (6in / 15.4cm) and stylish (comes in 3 different colours), there is no way you don’t have some DIY projects waiting for it at your place.

If you’re looking for something a little more diverse and more similar to a normal scalpel, take a look at our craft scalpel sets. Let’s start with the #11 Craft Scalpel Set – 5 triangular blades, made of carbon steel, and a circular chrome stainless steel handle. From paper to tin cans, there is nothing this stylish grey tool can’t handle.

If you don’t mind spending just a couple more bucks, you can take the #11 Craft Scalpel Set – 5 Colours, giving you the option to choose between blue, green, purple, yellow and red.

For the same price as the first offer you’ve got the #24-S Craft Scalpel Set. 12 (yes, 12), wide, flat and angled blades, perfect for cutting corners or trimming edges and a lightweight hardened plastic handle. As if it wasn’t a good enough deal, you can still choose between 6 different handle colours (black, blue, pink, violet, green, white).

Another great deal is the #2 Craft Scalpel Set – 5 powerful blades, experts in cutting through medium density materials while maintaining an exceptional level of precision. Comes with an elegant aluminium circular handle, available in 4 different colours (blue, yellow, purple and red).

If you don’t mind spending just a little more, get the same offer, plus a thicker aluminium handle and 5 extra blades with the #2 Craft Scalpel Set – Thick Handle.

The final 2 deals are also something you should look into. The #11 Scalpel Set w/ Thick Plastic Handle is divided into a comfortable all blue and a stylish black and yellow. Both offers bring 10 carbon steel blades, perfect for precision cutting, sharp angles or stripping. Lightweight and comfortable, once you start using these scalpels you won’t want another one (since you can keep changing blades).

We couldn’t let you go without mentioning our craft scalpel kits! The Basic Craft Scalpel Kit brings 3 aluminium handles (differing in thickness) and 13 different carbon steel blades, meaning you’ll have a blade that excels at every task you need them to. Everything you need inside a stylish blue case.

We jump from the basic to the Complete Craft Scalpel Kit. The holy grail of scalpel kits – 12 very diverse blades and 12 beautiful and comfortable wood handles. Imagine not having to settle with blades you know they’re not made for the task in hand and, instead, always have the perfect tool. Well, you can stop imagining and start buying! If you don’t want to spend that much money you can still go for the 3, 4, 5, 8 or 10 blades deal. Everything comes inside a nice, durable, transparent plastic box.