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The Best Plastic Scalpels On the Market

Professional Designs

Maybe you enjoy a simpler pastel green or grey. Maybe you like a more complex design with blue, or black & yellow. The point is that there’s a scalpel for every taste. Since we don’t always have to follow the industry-standard dimensions, required for surgical scalpels, the freedom to make more creative tools is put to the test. And trust us, we don’t take that freedom lightly!

Comfortable Non-Slip Grip

Let’s talk a little bit about our handles, because every time someone reads the word “plastic”, an eyebrow is raised. Firstly, we’re no talking about the common flimsy plastic you’ll see in most products, but a strong, durable and sturdy thick plastic. Secondly, you just need to hold these plastic scalpels for a second to realize how comfortable and non-slip their texture is. From smaller and flatter to larger and rounder, every handle we offer here, at ScalpelStore, is thoroughly tested for numerous hours, making sure every minute you’re holding it is an enjoyable one, instead of awkward and painful sensations.

Our Wide Range of Plastic Scalpels

Firstly, we’ve got these amazing disposable plastic scalpels. Even though they’re disposable, if you read the comments you’ll see that a lot of our costumers prefer to keep them till they can’t no more, due to their amazing quality.

The #11 Mini Disposable Surgical Scalpel combines a green thick plastic handle with an amazingly sharp #11 blade (a triangular shape with a sharp point and flat cutting edge, perfect for precise cutting, stripping and stencil creating). Small and portable, you can effortlessly mount blades on this handle, whenever you need, swapping them for one of the other 9 extra blades this deal offers you.

If you want something a little bit larger but with the same characteristics, take a look at the #11 Disposable Surgical Scalpel. This 5.5in (14cm) handle is made of thick plastic and offers you a comfortable grip, allowing you to take full advantage of its carbon steel #11 blade (also brings 10 blades).

Looking for a blade that excels in long incisions? The #23 Disposable Surgical Scalpel offers you the same deal as the last one, except for the shape of the blades. The #23 is a more leaf-shaped blade with a curved sharp edge and a flat blunt back. Also bringing 10 blades, you can’t miss on these amazing prices!

Secondly, and if you don’t mind investing a little more in a tool that will bring quality, sharpness, comfort and durability to the table, why don’t you take a look at the Thick Plastic #11 Craft Scalpel Set? This comfortable scalpel will aid you in long hours of your artistic work and turn those tiring and hard tasks into effortless and enjoyable ones. You can choose a simpler, but stylish blue or a more complex, but classic, black and yellow. The offer also brings 10 #11 blades that can easily be screwed in the handles. All that at an amazingly affordable price. What are you waiting for?