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The Best Folding Scalpels on the Market

High Quality Construction

We’ve talked about aluminium, plastic, stainless steel and wood handles. It’s time to introduce you to another amazing material. Titanium handles. Why titanium, you ask? Well, besides having the best strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element in the periodic table, it’s chemical, water and rust resistant and its durability is off the charts. Combine it with the usual, but amazingly sharp carbon steel blades and you’ve got an incredibly efficient tool. There isn’t a cutting DIY task at home this folding scalpel can’t take care off.

Portability and Convenience

Ranging from 4in (10cm) to 6in (15.2cm), these folding scalpels are the perfect example of balancing portability and efficiency. Don’t let them fool you by their size, seeing their carbon steel blades are extremely sharp and durable. Their safety systems and portable size allows you to carry them safely on your pocket and use them wherever and whenever you wish. Just read our costumer’s reviews and you’ll notice most people gained a lot of motivation to do house renovations after seeing how these scalpels turned hard and long tasks into enjoyable and effortless ones.

Our Range of Folding Scalpels

The Folding Utility Scalpel Set is a must in every household. Combine sharp carbon steel blades, durable aluminium handles and the convenience of a folding scalpel and you’ve got an amazing tool for most tasks you might have at hand. The offer brings 4 blades, easily and effortlessly mounted in the handles, making sure you always have a sharp blade to work with. You’ll randomly receive a green, red or yellow handle, meaning that whichever you receive, you’re guaranteed a stylish tool.

The Mini Folding Scalpel Knife is a step further regarding more precise cutting and sharpness durability. Weighing only 0.01lbs (4.6 gr), its lightweight is due to being made of titanium alloy. But don’t let it fool you! This folding scalpel comes with an #11 scalpel blade - a triangular blade with a sharp point and flat cutting edge, perfect for precision cutting, stripping and stencil creating. To top it all of, you won’t need to worry with loosing a finger, since it’s safe mechanism allows you to safely use it and change its blades.

For a couple more bucks, why don’t you purchase the Folding Scalpel Knife? Just take the last offer, add some size, weight and a lot of style, and you’ve got the holy grail of folding scalpels. Also made of titanium alloy, this 5.7in (14.5cm) scalpel can cut through most materials, mostly due to its surgical blades and sturdy body. If you’re not sold yet, just take a look at the most creative designs we’ve got to offer, from navy camouflage to wood texture.