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#11 Surgical Scalpel Set – Stainless Steel Handle with Carbon Steel Blades


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#11 Surgical Scalpel Set – Stainless Steel Handle with Carbon Steel Blades

This surgical scalpel set covers the two essentials in the surgery world. On one hand you’ve got razor-sharp carbon steel #11 blades, capable of cutting effortlessly, and on the other hand you’ve got sturdy stainless steel handles, offering you a durable comfortable grip.

  • #11 Carbon Steel Blades
  • Stainless Steel Handle
  • Sterilized

The #11 blade has a triangular shape with a sharp point and a flat cutting edge, ideal for precise and small stab incisions needed, for example, when inserting a laparoscopic port. The carbon steel grants it sharpness durability, meaning you can use it for a long time (even though the offer brings 10 blades).

This scalpel set also brings a #3 stainless steel handle, known for its comfortable grip, balanced weight and great sturdiness over time. Being a surgical scalpel handle, you’re guaranteed that it will easily fit every surgical blade you might have.

A nice aspect of this deal is the fact that all blades come sterilized by gamma radiation, meaning that, from the second you take them off their package, they’re ready for action.

What you’ll get:

  • 10 x #11 Carbon Steel Blades
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Handle

Handle Length : 12.2cm
Blade Length: 4.3cm

#11 Surgical Scalpel Set 2 #11 Surgical Scalpel Set 3 #11 Surgical Scalpel Set 4 #11 Surgical Scalpel Set 5 #11 Surgical Scalpel Set 6 #11 Surgical Scalpel Set 7 #11 Surgical Scalpel Set 8 #11 Surgical Scalpel Set 9

Additional information

Weight0.07 oz
Dimensions20 × 10 × 5 in
Handle Material

Stainless Steel

Brand Name



Sliding Blade Knife



DIY Supplies


Model Number

Wood Knife

Blade Material

Carbon Steel


Craft Knife


Multi Functional Knife

7 reviews for #11 Surgical Scalpel Set – Stainless Steel Handle with Carbon Steel Blades

  1. Tony Russo

    Easy to use and a quality tool all around, thank you. 5 stars with ease.

  2. Victor S.

    Quality item and beautiful price, couldn’t ask for better. The blades are extremely sharp too which is great.

  3. Sonia Green

    Durable, comfortable handle and super sharp blades, just what I was looking for. Great packaging and arrived quickly too.

  4. Anna S.

    Perfectly as described, fantastic scalpel handle and blades for the price.

  5. Cole

    I like it, it has very sharp blades and the handle is comfortable to use. The price is so good too!

  6. Celia Anderson

    Arrived quickly, works like a charm and the packaging is secure as well. Extra points for the awesome price.

  7. Lance G.

    Great quality, fast delivery, highly recommended product and website! Thanks!

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