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#12 Scalpel Blades – Surgical Carbon Steel Blades, Set of 10

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#12 Scalpel Blades – Surgical Carbon Steel Blades, Set of 10

Razor-sharp, carbon steel scalpel blades is what you need to take the next step in your surgical skills. This deal offers you 10 durable and efficient #12 scalpel blades at a fantastic value. What are you waiting for

  • #12 Surgical Blades
  • Made of Carbon Steel
  • Razor Sharp Edge

The #12 is a more unique blade, mainly due to its shape. Smaller and with a sharp point, this blade has a crescent shape, with an extremely sharpened inside edge. Usually used in suture cutting, arteries incisions, nasal septum repairs and others. Since it has so many uses, we though the only thing that would make sense was to pack 10 of them together in an amazing deal, so you’ll always have a blade at hand.

Being made of carbon steel grants them a few other advantages: anti-oxidation, sharpness durability, style, efficiency and a low price tag.

What you’ll get:

  • 10 x #12 carbon steel blades

#12 Scalpel Blades 1
#12 Scalpel Blades 2
#12 Scalpel Blades 3

Additional information

Weight0.02 oz
Dimensions18 × 15 × 8 in
Brand Name



Scalpel Blade

Model Number


Blade Material

Stainless Steel



Handle Material




2 reviews for #12 Scalpel Blades – Surgical Carbon Steel Blades, Set of 10

  1. Wesley

    Super sharp and made of durable, high-quality steel. 5 stars.

  2. Shane R.

    Everything is great, super happy to have found #12 blades – they’re rare!

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